Original Drawings and Rubbings


Original art for sale by David Heatwole

In Heatwole's early days of David's career as an artist focused on realistic yet surrealistic drawings.  The artist's mediums of were any that were "hard" mediums such as pencil, color pencil, charcoal, pastels and more.  Graphite being his favorite medium and he wielded it like a pro.   Creating almost realistic drawings of stone sculptures, portraits, water and landscapes allowed the artist to explore the various techniques one can achieve with one medium.  The artist loved working with papers and illustration boards but the expense of framing his larger oversized drawings became to much for the artist plus he was determined to learn how to paint.  It is rare that the artist goes back to drawing when working with "soft" mediums ie. painting has become his mainstay.



     For the last few years David has been working again with Color Pencil along with wax crayon on what he calls enhanced rubbings that start with a painting/drawing made from latex house paint which he dribbles onto a hard surface, allows to dry leaving a raised surface that he then can place paper over and pull rubbed impressions of the image using wax crayons.  He then mounts the paper on his drafting table and fills in the various blank areas with color pencil.  These works of art are fun for the artist as they are more instantly gratifying than the long tedious painting techniques he employs with his paintings.