This is my first blog post via my Shopify store

Ah is great to be here even if no one sees this blog post.  Getting to this point with Shopify was a long time coming.  I have had various websites that got me no where and while I marketed them Shopify really makes it easy.  DON'T GET ME WRONG THERE IS A LEARNING CURVE but there is so much out there for support with howto videos on Youtube and all you just can't go wrong.  I still have the hair I started with which if you know me isn't a lot except under my chin.

So here in my Shopify store I have prints and soon originals but I also have a full line of print on demand products.  I use, and others but works directly with Shopify so it is easy to set up on the printful site and then port into Shopify.  While I also use it still works having both working for me.  Here in Shopify I have it linked to my Facebook Store and trying to get it to work with Pinterest and maybe there is a way to connect it to Instagram as well but I am not sure about that.

I hope you like what you see in my store and if you have any comments or suggestions feel free to message me.  MAKE SURE TO ADD YOUR EMAIL IF YOU WANT TO RECEIVE MY eNewsletter.


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